Attended Stop Signal


i think Uipath should have a signal stop from the orchestrator level for any attended robot , or agents pc !, incase you have attended robot and you make change you need to go over all agents pc and stop them manually , is there any solution for this ?

But attended robots are meant to be controlled by user, orchestrator have no control over them…

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sure am totally agreed with you but in case you want to update your package and you have huge number of running robots on the agent’s pc’s then you need to asked them one by one to stop the robot , it will be much better if we can select from running robot from orchestrator and stopped them !

I understand is hard to manage, but still i cant see a way to make orchestrator force stop on running robots… that you have to be done inside your processes, like some loop that keep looking for that signal and stop when it become true…

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its as the same unattended send signal stop from orchestrator , but in attended ones this option is disabled i dont know why !

its because what i said before, attended cannot be managed by orchestrator, you need to implement that yourself, or pay extra to have unattented robot…