Attended robot , 어텐디드 봇 관련 문의

attended robot 과 unattended robot 의 차이점이 다양히 있겠지만,
트리거(스케쥴)은 unattended robot 만 가능한데,

attended robot 은 해당 pc에서 어시스턴트로 수행가능 한 걸로 알고 있는데,
오케스트레이터를 통해서 job start 도 가능한지 궁금합니다.(예전에 온프레미스 오케스트레이터로는 불가능했습니다.현재 클라우드 오케스트레이터 사용중입니다)

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Hi @esongi_park

You can trigger both attended and unattended robots.
Attended robots will be run in the foreground, Unattended robots will be run in the background.

You can run the attended robot from orchestrator from the process tab.

Note - While Trigger the attended robot at the trigger time the local machine has to be in the on position, no lock and no shutdown position.

Hope it helps!!

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Yes, you are correct that attended robots and unattended robots have different capabilities and usage scenarios in UiPath. While triggers (schedules) are available only for unattended robots, attended robots can be executed manually or triggered from the Orchestrator through a different mechanism called “Jobs.”

Jobs are the units of work execution in UiPath Orchestrator, and they can be executed on both attended and unattended robots. Here’s how jobs work for attended robots:

  1. Attended Robot Execution: Attended robots are typically used by human users to assist them in their daily tasks. They run on the user’s machine and interact with applications on the desktop.
  2. Manual Execution: An attended robot can be executed manually by the user through UiPath Assistant, which provides a user-friendly interface to start and monitor robot processes.
  3. Orchestrator Jobs for Attended Robots: While triggers (schedules) are not available for attended robots, you can still start jobs for attended robots from UiPath Orchestrator. This allows you to leverage the centralized management and monitoring capabilities of Orchestrator for attended robot processes.

To start a job for an attended robot from the Orchestrator, you can follow these steps:

  • Publish the process: Ensure that the process you want to run on the attended robot is published to Orchestrator.
  • Create an attended robot: In the Orchestrator, create an attended robot and associate it with the machine where the UiPath Assistant is installed.
  • Create a job: Once the attended robot is set up, you can create a job from the Jobs page in Orchestrator. Select the process you want to run and choose the attended robot to execute the job.
  • Start the job: After creating the job, you can manually start it from the Jobs page, and it will be executed on the specified attended robot
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Looking at the screen, only unattended is activated, but I wonder if attended bots can also perform jobs?

Excuse me for asking one more time.
thank you for your reply

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It will shows the unattended but it will run as attended only. There is some configurations to make unattended robot.

Check the below to make unattended robots.

Hope you Understand!!

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Hope you find the solution for your query. If yes Make mark it as solution which helps to other forum members. @esongi_park

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