Attended robot with database

Hi all,

I am developing process with attended robot that need to read data from DB, when i connect to DB using connection wizard on dev server it require to connect dev server to DB port to make connection success. Now i want to publish it on user machine “attended” is it require to make a connection between user machine and db or not. If yes please help me to find another approach as client cant give access to DB on user machine.

Hi @takyysh ,

Yes database configuration required for the User Machine.

You can use dedicated credentials for rpa bot to access database and those credentials can save into orchestractor assets for security purpose, with this approach you can protect user to not access database even tho it is configured in his local machine

Hi @Mohan_Reddy
Thank you.

Please note that i setup the connection and tested it on dev server it is successfully work because there is a connection between dev server and DB port 1521. My question is when i want to run process from user machine it is required to make a connection between user machine and DB port 1521 or if i make the connection between orchestrator server and DB port 1521 it will work because i published process to orchestrator.

Please note the connection from user machine to DB port 1521 will not possibly regarding the client policy.