Attended robot status


I was wondering if it is possible, without Orchestrator, to retrieve the status of an attended robot?

I have a setup with two machines. One is running the robot and the second is showing a customised monitor dashboard I’m creating in Excel to show stats (based on a logging datatable) the recent lines of the execution log. It would be great if I could have a status cell, because why not? I have space on the dashboard.

I don;t have Orchestrator, but can I use the JSON API to call from excel?

Bump, still no idea if this is even possible?

did this help you get the status along the excel file
Cheers @SoqedHozi

You’ve quoted my question and given me no answer?

Hi @SoqedHozi, I’m not sure i fully understand your request, but if you’re asking about Robot API to retrieve Robot status, you can’t at this moment. What i don’t understand is what Status do you want to retrieve? If the Robot is not connected to Orchestrator the status will be Offline. Are you asking if the Robot is busy or not?

busy or not.

Hi @ovi is it possibel to get robot logs from different virtual machine if we don’t have Orchestrator license.
And also if we don’t have Orchestrator license still our logs goes inside database or not ?

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Gopal Tewari