Attended robot silent execution


I’m still searching (in vain so far) for a way to provide the user of attended bot, where they don’t have UiPath Orchestrator, to run it ‘silently’ via a short-cut without any need to either see or interact with the UiPath client.

This is in essence the way that if the automation is published to Orchestrator, it is available to execute via the system tray icon for Orchestrator.

I anticipate I need to point the short-cut at the project .json file, but then I want UiPath to open minimised and run the automation.

Is this at all possible?

Macaroon Associates Ltd

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Ah, I think I’ve found the answer, to run UiPath with command line arguments…

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Sorted. Had to point shortcut to UiRobot.exe -f and “File Name”, ensure short-cut runs minimised, Working perfectly!