Attended Robot Showing Offline

Hi all,

I have bought and activated an attended robot but the UiPath Robot.exe is showing me that it is offline.
I am not using orchestrator. Do anyone know how to rectify this issue?



Where you are checking robot status ?

I am seeing the robot status here.


Did you created a machine name and configured it to the robot???

how do i do that cause when i click the settings in the robot, it only shows orchestrator settings and a URL is required

Are you able to see machine key ,machine name option in it???

Hello @Gluon

It is showing as offline because it’s not connected with the orchestrator. So basically your robot if a guy who works offline :slightly_smiling_face:

It will show as connected and licensed only when you connect it with orchestrator

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As you said, you are not using Orchestrator and no need to provide any Orchestrator settings in robot tray.

Are you able to run published processes from system tray or not ?

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Hi @Gluon

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The Robot is offline because it is not connect to orchestartor. Please follow the below documentation

Hope this helps you :slight_smile:

Vivek Karuppusamy

Apologies, somehow i had this idea that the robot has to be connected to be able to run the processes.

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