Attended robot - settings, dependencies and more

i have a studio installed on one machine and an attended robot on the other machine, but no orchestrator.
While a simple task (click, delay, click back, delay and so on) is running on the robot machine, a more complex one stops with error message. I’ve searched for the error message, but this brings me to general questions:

  1. When I deploy my bot in the Studio, are the dependencies included in the .nupkg?
  2. Or do I have to install/copy them to a Special Folder on the machine with the attended Robot?
  3. Needs the robot-machine to be online e.g. for downloading dependencies (this is difficult in our network)?

Thank you!

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Hi @mm1904

.nupkg only contains the reference to the packages that will be required to run it. In the offline scenario, you will indeed need to copy over your packages to the robot execution folder.

See here for more information:

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Thank you for your answer, now my robot runs. :smiley:
As it is difficult to copy packages to the robot-machine with my rights in the network, I’ve ordered internet-admittance for „“ und „“ as shown here:


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