Attended robot running over 24 hours

How long can a attended robot run without stopping?

I have a robot that stays in a cycle until it is 7 AM and runs a sequence, when the sequence ends the robot returns to the cycle where it expects it to be 7 AM again, but only manages to run the sequence once. After some time running, does the robot stop by itself?


Can you share more inputs about your sequence?

Is the sequence is completed and still the job is running?

Can you share the screenshots, so that it is easy to understand

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Yes, the robot ends the sequence and continues running, but the next day it does not start the sequence at 7 AM and when I look it is stopped. I think it stops at 24 hours but I’m not sure.

Could you elaborate on the activities and loop type, that you are using?


If you can share your workflow we get a chance to check the workflow and search for a root cause together