Attended Robot (Node Locked)

Hi there,

Currently, I have an attended robot (node locked) running from a dedicated notebook.

I would like to do following:

  1. Can this robot be managed from Orchestrator? I would like to centrally control all robots.
  2. What do I need to do if I want to change the notebook that’s hosting the current robot to a new notebook?

Hi @Praruna,

  1. Every robot can be managed from Orchestrator. But you need to remember that computer on which robot is installed need to have constant connection with Orchestrator (local network - in case Orchestrator is deployed in same network, internet - if Orchestrator is external).
  2. If you want to change notebook you need to just simply remove old computer from Orchestrator and create new one. Then pair it with machine key to a new computer. Finally assign processes to new robot.
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Thanks @Pablito. I will try it out.

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