Attended Robot: How to log items to Orchestrator?

How can I log items to Orchestrator using an Attended Robot?

I was under the impression it would work the same as an unattended robot (i.e. just use Log Message). From what I can see… it doesn’t. I don’t see my logged messages on the Jobs page the same way.

I was hoping that I could have a central aggregation point for selected telemetry of many users’ attended robots.

I’m currently in the progress of testing ORC, and so far my logging works as intended (orc -> jobs -> job in question -> menu -> view logs, shows all logs above the robots logging level)

My setup is starting processes through the ORC, but the only robot to run on is my own machine:

I would suggest testing with a simple workflow that only logs 1 error of each type and then stops.

If it doesn’t work, i think you should try explaining in more detail what you mean by “From what I can see… t doesn’t.”
How can you see that? What have you tried? What isn’t working as you thought it would?

Right… you’re using an unattended robot, and per my initial post… that has always been working. I could always see all unattended robots’ logs on orchestrator’s Jobs page. As you mentioned… we go to the “Jobs” page, hover over the right side of any given job that was triggered via an Orchestrator schedule, and click “View logs”:

I simply couldn’t understand why I wasn’t seeing attended robot logs in this same place. My misunderstanding/invalid assumption was that attended jobs would also appear on this same “Jobs” page.

They do not.

In order to view an attended robot’s logs, one must instead go to the “Robots” page, hover over any given robot, click the 3 dots icon in the rightmost column, and then click “View Logs” from the context menu:

Interestingly… I’ve just discovered that you can also view unattended robot logs this same way (via the “Robots” page), in addition to finding them on the “Jobs” page.

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I was pretty sure my robot would count for attended as its a studio licence, but it might be as you say.
Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

I investigated today our Orchestrator installation. I added one attended robot and I also managed to deploy package to client. But I’m not able to see any process/package at robot in system tray. It says that no processes found.

How did You configure robot and how You were able to start execution?

Are you confident that you associated your process with the desired robot in Orchestrator? Robots can only see processes to which they’ve been linked.

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Yes, my mistake. I was testing different kind of setups and in this case robot in environment did not match to user that I was using. Thanks for hint :slight_smile: