Attended Robot : Getting error/stop execution if user click anywhere during robot execution

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I am running attended robots which are running fine if left alone. However, if the user clicks anywhere by mistake, or minimise the running application, the execution stops. Is there any way to prevent this from happening.

Please suggest.

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So if we want to access the machine when the bot is getting executed we need to create a New background template kind of process
But even in that It is important that background processes do not make use of interactive activities, like Click or Type Into found in the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activitiespackage

For more details

So kindly have a dedicated machine for that process

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Hi @prashantP
If the mouse click: yes it will definitely interact so keep your unattended bot without keep in touch :shushing_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So the minimizs…
“” According to this type of license, an Attended Robot can concurrently execute one foreground process (with UI interaction) and multiple background processes (without UI interaction).

A foreground process is used when your automation project needs to interact with UI elements. These processes heavily rely on UIAutomation activities. Please note that you can only execute one foreground process at a time.

A background process doesn’t need to interact with UI elements on the screen, but rather relies on background processes to pass along information. UIAutomation activities should not be used in these project types. Multiple such processes can simultaneously run on a machine, even if a foreground process is already running.

The type of process is generally dictated by the type of activities it uses (whether or not they interact with UI elements). However, you can specify the type when you create a new process from Studio. By default, all processes are marked as foreground, unless specified otherwise.“”
Source: Background Process Automation