Attended Robot (Concurrent User) - admin rights required every time the user changes?

Hello, we would like to use the Cloud Platform Orchestrator and one Attended Robot (Concurrent User) to provide 5 people with processes.
First of all, is this possible with the (to my knowledge free) Cloud Platform Orchestrator?
We assume it is possible, but it is a problem that admin rights seem to be required every time you connect a robot to orchestrator. We could request a session with our Citrix-service-provider to connect all five users to orchestrator at once, but it is entirely impossible to contact them every time a different user wants to run a process. To be clear, we don’t want multiple users to be able to run processes simultaneously, but rather have them take turns at using the robot (license). However, to my knowledge, only one robot can be connected to orchestrator at a time, and only once that user disconnects, the license is freed up again.
Is that correct? This would mean we would have use admin rights every time a different user wants to use their robot, which is simply unfeasible.
As a small business we simply cannot afford to buy 5 licenses just to have them not be used most of the time, so are hoping the concurrent license could save us.
So my main question is whether all 5 users can be connected to orchestrator simultaneously, using up the license on a first-come-first-serve basis, or whether the users have to connect with orchestrator to run a process, and the disconnect again to free up the license.

Thank you