Attended Robot can work on locked system?


I am new to Uipath, to get better understanding on Attended and Unattended robot , we come up with some with some observation, explained below

Is it possible to run a Attended robot (node locked) from a Virtual Machine ? The intent is that there could be several process owned by different users, each of these users would login to the VM on a time shared basis and execute the processes manually, and once they are done with the execution they would logout and let other users run their process. Is this feasible?

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@narendra_v Did you get your solution?

No …

Hi Narendra & @ASinha

To run attended bot on a VM we should be connected to VM.
Example I am connecting from my system(System1) to VM and System1 is locked and not disconnected from the VM then bot will continue to work in VM.
If System1 is disconnected from VM bot will stop immediately.

Hi Narendra,

When you are connected to a VM and if it gets locked, the bot will continue to run without any hiccups if it is an unattended bot.

It is an issue when attended robot is running and you lock the system.

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Thanks Raghavendra