Attended license update package, install failed

I have imported an attended license to my windows server 2012. My bot version is 2018.4.6, then I copy nupkg file to this folder<C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages>.
In the bot tray it shows my app, but when I update my app on this tray, it shows UIPath Robot Error Failed to install package.
By the way, I have opened the firewall and, port 80 and 443.
Where can I find the err log?

When using the studio to open the app source code, the bot can run this app.
But I make the nupkg file from the other machine, just copy to this machine, it will failed.
Did I miss any configuration?

Hey. Do you have Orchestrator ?

I have Orchestrator, but can I use attended license bot without Orchestrator?

I never tried launching attended bot without Orchestrator but if you have Orchestrator why you don’t submit packages there ?

My attended license can’t bind to Orchestrator. It just can bind to client machine. I think it is user alone license. Thank you for your reply .

Does someone know can we use Attended robot without OC? (just as a stand alone robot in my PC)?