Attended Licence robot with infinite loop

Can I use an infinite loop in a process without using the orchestrator?
I have a attended robot license. By doing this it would not be necessary to start the process manually.

My question is more contractual than technical.

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Technically, you can use an infinite loop in your workflow but not ideal. What’s the use case? Triggers might be a solution depending on the use case
What do you mean without using orchestrator?
Contractually, you can utilize the attended license on a single robot whole day.

Hi @Filipe_Badch_Rodrigues

you can create a process using flowchart template, so once the process it will return to the first activity and so on.


Hi @Filipe_Badch_Rodrigues

From a technical standpoint, it is possible to use an infinite loop in a process without using the Orchestrator, even with an attended robot license. However, from a contractual standpoint, it is important to consider the terms and conditions of your UiPath license agreement.

UiPath offers different types of licenses that are tailored to specific use cases and deployment scenarios. Attended robot licenses are designed for attended automation scenarios, where a human user is present to initiate and control the execution of the robot.

In general, UiPath licenses are based on the number of robots, users, and/or processes that are allowed to run concurrently. Depending on your license agreement, there may be restrictions on the number of robots that can run concurrently, the duration of robot runtime, or the number of transactions that can be processed per day.