Attended BOTS- Setting reminders for the process using Orchestrator


In Attended Automation, we set reminders for the process using Assistant. Is there any way, we can set the reminders from Orchestrator for the Attended processes? or How do I make sure, If I need to let 100000(example) users they have to run a process, like a reminder?

Thank you.

A Anil

Hi @anilalapati.66

Reminders is an Assistent Feature. You can’t set it directly from orchestrator.

To achieve this you need create a dedicate bot that check if users ran the bot in specfic date and if no, you send a message, mail etc.

Something like this:

Attended bot → every time it ran successfully, you update the last run date and user in Data Services
Reminder bot → It check from data services the last run date that users ran the Attended bot in compare with a given date. For those that didn’t run the bot, the bot send a message, mail etc.

You also can open a feedback post about your use case.


Attended bots cannot be controlled from Orchestrator…run ana unattended bot or studio web bot and just send a reminder email to everyone to run the bot at specified time as you need

you can also check the executed jobs and send reminders only to those who did not run as well…get jobs will help in getting the job details