Attended Bot - Unlicensed

HI everyone,

Is anyone having the same issue as me? We have an attended bot that’s on a local machine. Every time the machine is restarted or rebooted, the robot becomes unlicensed.

is this a natural occurrence? Our expectation is that the bot stays licensed all the time and avaliable.

Please advise!

Thank you

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It takes a while for the bot to read and detect its license, and it will only be recognized as active when the machine is active. There is a communication between Orchestrator and the bot’s local machine which must take place before a valid license is detected.


Thanks Anthony! Does that mean, everytime the user has to Start Menu → UiPath Robot for it to establish connection from the local machine to the orchestrator?

The UiPath Robot task should be set on the machine to autostart when the machine is started.

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There are two modes of installation for the Studio & Robot:

  1. User Mode : UiRobot / Agent will not auto start you will have to manually start it every time you sign out & then sign in to the machine
  2. Service Mode : A windows service will be setup duing installation. It will auto start the robot.

You need the service Mode !


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