Attended BOT to Unattended BOT

Hello Team,

we have an existing Attended BOT for-
Active directory User creation process ,its created using citrix activities, we are thinking to move this attended bot to unattended ,

Is it possible to move a workflow which is created using citrix to unattended BOT?

is any one having idea how to create workflow for automating remote server activities using unattended BOT?

Akhil K


The only difference between attended and unattended is that you won’t be monitoring the run.

You’ll just want to make sure the error handling and retry mechanisms are robust so it can self-correct and log information so you can understand the success or failure of the run.

Also, ensure that the user profile used for the unattended robot has access to all the tools needed to interact with active directory.

You will also need to configure your robot or server to use LogonToConsole = false and set the resolution to the ideal 1920x1080 32bit.

You don’t actually need to recreate the automation, however, you will want a good retry mechanism and logging, as I mentioned.

On the other hand, you said you are using citrix. There could be activities that can interact with AD, as long as the user/robot has access to do such interactions… instead of using citrix. Then, in that case, you would want to make some improvements to the automation.

so, that’s just some thoughts on this from my perspective. If you have other concerns or problems, feel free to post it.