Attended Bot Roll out challenges

Hi Team,
We having the requirement of attended bot solution to roll out more than 100 to 200 end users. We are pushing the Robot directly from users machines. Automatically get install back end with Admin Permission. While in configuration we are having few challenges

  1. Out 100 users no one has Admin permission to configure Orchestrator settings any know how automate the process with out end user touching the process
  2. No user has admin permission to download activities Nuget packages how to achieve ?
    3.After deployment Robot is hiding icon tray. Each time user need to use short cut key or go and find out robot in icon tray click the process play button. Is there any Ui can use run the process?


Hi @ranganathan8929

Since you have 100 to 200 machines used for attended robots, I suggest to use the orchestrator to control your executions and the robots. The Orchestrator access should be given to the users. You can define roles for each user to restrict access for different tasks. I think you’ll need to work with your IT support team to get it setup. Ince the required permission is given, you can trigger the robots from the orchestrator itself, or you can schedule the executions to run at a particular time


Hi @Lahiru.Fernando,

Thanks for your response, We are plan to manage the attended through Orchestrator only, My question is we have restricted user permission to the end user machine.Like services,eventvwr only able view the permission not able to make the changes like that. We are pushing the Robot (uipath Studio.msi) file directly from DST Push in user machine msi file get install in background with admin permission, After installation there is a configuration take place to get robot connect the Orchestrator.We wanted to automated how do we do that ?