Attended bot - PiP requires user login every time bot triggered

Hi everyone,

My client wants to run the attended bot on PiP mode.
But every time the attended bot is triggered, it requires a user login.
The documentation says that user only needs to login for the first time.

Can someone help me to prevent user login?


Hello @Sam_Shin

There could be multiple reasons for this -

  1. If user logs in to the main machine and PIP, and uses PIN or Fingerprint, then this behavior is expected.
    Solution : We should use the Credentials (username and password) for logging in to main session as well as in PIP. Preferably disable PIN/Fingerprint.

  2. Post providing the credentials to PIP session, If the main session is not signed out/restarted, then it is expected behavior.
    Solution : Post running the first job in PIP, we should sign-out or Restart the Main session, so that PIP session stores the credentials and can use from the next PIP launch.