Attended bot, monitor different buttons for actions


im kind of brain storming on the below,

lets say we have an attended bot, and this bot will have lot of actions like, log into various systems, get details depending on a key which he agent well enter and search for.

Well the bot will monitor the different buttons clicked, depending of what the agent clicked different workflow will run.(i do not think this is possible)

what is the best method to attack the above (Preformace wise and reliability)

I thought of two methods

  • one through a database so when button is clicked i will insert a row in the database(Application side), then i will monitor the database for new actions (Uipath side) and run the right workflow.

  • Second is through the file system, so when a button is clicked i will create a folder (with specific naming) and i will monitor if anything is change to the root folder and then do the needful

is anyone else have any better methods suggestions ?

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Hi @husain,

Not sure how many different events you need to monitor but you can monitor for multiple triggers, get information one which event was triggered, and then act on that particular trigger by invoking the appropriate workflow. Something like this for two triggers but you could do more.

Would something like that work in your case?


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i think this is the solution but, how to get the button name form Get Event Info