Attended bot is getting failed when the screen is getting locked

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Attended bot is getting failed when the screen is getting locked. Can anyone help us on how to run the bot ?

I’ve got an interesting question from a client we are developing for. The ask from our client is if they can run an attended bot in a VM environment and the bot is still able to run if the user locks their desktop, but not the VM.

I’ve done some searching but haven’t found this exact issue out there. I know attended bots don’t work when the screen gets locked, but by my understanding, its if the screen locks on the machine it is running on, not necessarily the user’s machine that connected to the VM where the bot is deployed.

I’ve also tried utilizing our VM’s, but we don’t have an attended bot set up on a VM to experiment with.

So the main 2 questions: 1) can anyone confirm whether or not there would be an issue if the user’s desktop screen was locked, but not the VM where the bot is deployed. 2) Does this sound like a better case for a locally licensed unattended bot? The client is new to RPA and not ready to dive in fully with Orchestrator.

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when machine screen is locked session of VM is still remain open and it will be same. but it is locked and user login every-time it will create a new session. hence bot fails.

Thanks @Divyashreem but its not working fine with the same session.
Can you please help us what needs to be done here