Attended automation is suspending without any "wait" activities

I am building an attended automation that presents a regular form, and when the user submits the form I then run:

  • Load Taxonomy
  • Digitize Document
  • Classify Document Scope
  • Present Classification Station

Then I go through the classification results and populate a datatable that displays back to the form (which doesn’t close when the user clicks Submit).

For some reason, after the above steps complete the automation suspends. If I resume it, the form that was open does not reappear. There are no “wait for action” activities so why is it suspending? I don’t even have UiPath.Persistence.Activities installed.

I figured out the issue but thought I’d post this anyway in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

I created this project by copying another project that DID use persistence and “wait” activities. I still don’t understand why this project was suspending even though there were no “wait” activities, but the solution was to edit project.json and set supportsPersistence to false.

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