Attended Automation Feedback/Output


how do you give feedback when having an attended Automation? When you have for example a list of users which should be added somewhere and at the end the user needs to know which users:

  • Were added successfully
  • Were not added because he was already there
  • Were not added because of an error

How do you do that?

For me it would be easiest to create a html-template which you can color and design as you wish and then just use the list/array to fill the programmed html-template. I tried using the “Form Designer” but that just doesn’t does what I do in a easy way because it is designed for Input and not just for the output/Feedback to the user. And a plain “Message Box” is not usable here.

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Hi @juliaF,

The easiest way to document outputs for me is in an excel sheet. Build a datatable with the data you want (user’s name, comment, etc.), and then add the variables to the datatable using an add data row. At the end of processing use a write range, and this will write everything out to an excel file

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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thanks for your answer.
It is an alternative, but not optimal in my opinion.

Yes, you can easily write the output in a excel and open it, but coloring the output (red for not ok, green for ok) and designing it, so that the user knows what’s happening at first glance is not that easy (I feel bad doing this). Depending on the amount of Add-Ins in Excel, it can also take a few seconds to open the output-file. And if the input is via the Input-Form from UiPath - why can’t the output be as well? That would be a better process flow for the user…

So I guess I have few options:

  1. using the UiPath Form Designer
  2. using other tools like Excel to show the output
  3. program an activity which opens an Message-Box to display customizable content.

The questions I still have are: Am I the only one having this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something? Because if more people had this problem, there already would be a better option than the ones available.

Hi @juliaF,

Apologies, I have not used the UiPath Form Designer so I cannot help with it. I tend to use excel files for most of my outputs as it is easily integrated, very simple to use and surprisingly easy to read, but I don’t have a bunch of add-ons.

I hope you find a solution!

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