Attatch mulitple files from list to gsuite send mail activity

Hi, I’m trying to send multiple attatchments in an email. I have all files from a folder assigned to a list, but when trying to add to the attatchments collection within the send mail activity it only allows a string, not a list.
I’ve also tried assigning all file locations to an array and using the AttatchmentList array, but still no success.
I’m able to send multple files when using a manual array in AttatchmentList eg {Fileloc1,FileLoc2}, but when using a dynamic variable with the exact same contents it dosen’t work.
Is there anyting else I could try there?


Just to update, I’ve worked around this to add files to a google drive and then link the files, but would still be good to figure out the issue if anyone has any insight!

HI @Shane_Curran

Give your list here and check once


You dont need to add the attchment collection if you are using attachment list @Shane_Curran