Attachments missing while using Outlook Mail Messages

Hi Guys

I’m trying to download attachments from Outlook. Every mail has 2 attachments. When executing, I got some attachments but some are missing. and it is happening every time. I can’t find any solution to this.
Please check and help.

Folder Path: “d:\Profiles\anagrawal\Downloads\Attach”+Convert.ToDateTime(item.Headers(“Date”)).ToString(“dd-MMMyyyy”)

@Palaniyappan Please help Buddy

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Buddy @anshul_agrawal
You were almost done…but i would like to suggest some thing over here and i hope it would resolve your issue

  1. you are using get outllook mail message activity to get the list of mailmessages
  2. then using a loop to iterate through each mailmessage to get their attachments
  3. Fine now while saving the attachements kindly mention only the path like this
    C:\Users\xyz\Documents were you want to save the attachments, as a input to file path and item (the mail message from for each loop) as input to mail in save attachment buddy

No other steps need buddy,
this would download all the attachments in each mail and place them in the folder path that you have mentioned in the save attachments activity

Kindly try this and let know buddy
if not no worries kindly send your xaml buddy we can solve this…
Cheers @anshul_agrawal

I have tried this also. But same issue happens.

Please check my .xaml file.outlook.xaml (5.5 KB)

Buddy @anshul_agrawal
Kindly remove this account property, leave it empty and the folder as “Inbox” buddy
and add a slash next to attach buddy like this


Buddy @Palaniyappan
I’m using a shared Mailbox. For using this I have to mention the account and also I need to work upon this folder specifically.

I have given folder name like this:

alright buddy @anshul_agrawal
mention the folder like this buddy
where the mail id mentioned above is the shared account mail id @anshul_agrawal