Attaching file to Outlook using wildcard

I’m trying to attach a file from a network folder using the “Send Outlook Mail Message”. When I click the “Attach Files” link I can hard code the directory including the file name and it works. The problem is that I need to be able to use a wildcard (*) at the end of the file name since the last part of the file name changes day to day.

I’ve tried entering an asterisk but it does not work.


The error I get is: “Send Outlook Mail Message: File name or directory is not valid.”

Again, if I remove the * and type in the full file name it works fine.

Thank you for your help.

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We won’t be able to mention like that buddy
Instead we can replace that part alone with a variable like this

Or based on the date format or any variable instead we have can be mentioned in that part along the filepath

Cheers @zigmo

Another way to get the file is to use the following command (assuming the file in the directory is the latest one):


Does the “dd” part print the 2 digit number for the current day? Is Now a variable you build or a constant?

So if I need the current date to be 2012/01/01 would i type “yyyymmdd”? I’m new to all this so thank you for answering what I assume i a simple question.

This works perfectly for the current project. Thank you!

Is there a way to select the last 2 files?

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