Attaching Data to Mail via Multiple Excel Sheets

I have a excel file which contains 4 sheets in it.

I am retrieving my required data from it and then I am attaching the data in a table format to my mail.

To confirm I just did a write line on my data the data retrieved was absolutely correct

But while attaching the data the bot only attaches the data from the last sheet and ignores the data of the first three.

What can be done here ?

Hi @Ishan_Shelke1 , Most Probably the Datatable is getting overwritten each time, we would require to Append the Values to Datatable.

If you could Provide/Show us what are the Steps you have performed, it would be easy for us to identify where exactly this happens and we could be able to correct it.

XAML File - Test.xaml (47.0 KB)

Excel Data - test.xlsx (29.6 KB)

Were you able to detect the error ?

@Ishan_Shelke1 ,

Check the Below Updated Workflow :
Test.xaml (43.3 KB)

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Excellent Thanks :slight_smile:

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