Attaching columns without loop

I want to get columns from 1 datatable together with columns from another datatable

There’s no correlation between these columns to ‘Join’ them I just want them as is.

Don’t mind if this is attaching whole datatable or copying 1 column from DT1 to DT2

i do not want to use a for loop, and I’ve spent hours searching the forums already

I’m 99% sure I’ve achieved this before but don’t have access to the project.


You can use JOIN DATA TABLE activity

Hey thanks for your suggestion,

I did try the Join activity and it always added my columns into new rows instead of into the first blank row. How do i fix that?

can you provide some more info with example on your requirment pls. @Hennesy

Here’s some images of the outcome I’m getting VS what i want.

please note there is not meant to be any connection between the columns I just want to stick them next to each other without any logic applied


Hi Hennesy,
If Table and 2 doesnt have anthing in common, join(condition col of table 1 != col1 of table 2) will result in all the possible combinations for each row of both the tables and in rows starting from first.
Then you can copy the output data table to excel and use remove range for each column of excel to remove duplicate values from it.
Pls refer tot the attached example.
Note this is not the ideal way to do this, because you do not want to use looping, i am suggesting this.

pankajJoinDataTableExample.xaml (7.8 KB)