Attach Window is not working inside Excel Scope

I am opening the Excel using Excel Scope and when it is opened, it will prompt saying “Do you want to connect” and when I click on “Yes”. it will ask user to enter username and password.

For the above scenario, I am using attach window inside excel scope… but its not working.

Please suggest

Hi @vsvenkata

Could you try a simple Click activity without attaching to the window? If you give it a full selector to the buttons or field forms, it should just work.

I tried that as well with no Luck. When the excel opens, its asks for Confirmation popup wether I want to connect to instance. Here I have click on “Yes”. in the Excel scope, wether I attach a window or simple click, its not working

Please help

I used XL Scope and its working fine. But when I use Write Cell to enter some Value in a CELL, its giving the below error

Write cell : Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

@vsvenkata In the write cell variable which you are using having null value check it

can you try creating new workflow for click on “Do you want to connect” and when I click on “Yes”.

then call this work flow inside excel scope…