Attach Window activity for PUtty Window error "Top Level Window Method not found"

Hi Everyone

Attach window activity is not working for a

Putty Application.

Failing with error “Top Level Window Method not found”

Please let me know if anyone can help on the same.

Uploaded the error screenshot.

No selector issue but still the activity is not working as expected.

Good evening Santosh,

Please try the following:

  1. Click on Tools in Studio
  2. Project Dependencies Mass Update Tool
  3. Choose feeds
  4. Select dependencies
  5. Restart the studio

Can you try again by selecting the informative screenshot @Santosh_Murarikar?

what will be dependencies for attach window and open browser activity?

Cant find in manage packages “UiPath.Core.Activities.WindowScope”, under all packages. Also open applicaiton and attach window throwing error like “UIDemo.exe UiDemo’: Method not found: ‘UiPath.UiWindow UiPath.IUiNode.GetTopLevelWindow()’”