Attach variable name/directory to an image on a CSV file


My basic outline of my workflow consists of ;

  1. Scraping text data from a webpage via html elements.
  2. Info of those texts are saved as variables and inserted into a csv file as a string. To then be later searchable like a database for later retrieval.

Now at this point i would like to take a screen shot of said webpage with the correlating variables as a whole. Then save and attach that image to that string of data in that csv file somehow with one of the text variables such as a “order number” to be used as the images file name.

Regards Bradley Mckinnon

Do you expect to see the Image or Image path in the csv?

Yes preferably the images path. So that all files can be located or extruded to other locations easily.

I don’t think you can insert image into CSV as it is similar to a Text File. But you can certainly insert Image path.

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HI Vvaidya,

Thats looks very promising! Could you upload the xml just for that segment so i can study it and fully understand the procedure of the workflow?

Also could you explain why in the variable table under the column"scope", what does “aaa” represent?

Regards Bradley Mckinnon