Attach to Running/Current Instance of IE Explorer

Hi, is there a way to connect to the running instance of IE? I’m aware that I can use attach browser, but it only seems to work when I’m aware which page is “currently” open in the browser, and its dependency on the selector makes it even more difficult to identify on which page we are.

What I’m trying to achieve?

I have a web application where certain pages aren’t reliable, certain elements on the page may or may not be active (as they are dependent on certain other attributes ). The issue is even if they are not active clicking on them, activates and enables the other options which cause the Bot to fail, as the bot is trying to attach to the next page in sequence but the browser has the different page opened.

But every time when the BOT is failing for these cases, we are supposed to navigate to a particular page and save the operations done till now.

Solution that I have devised and its challenges:

I have Put the required sequence under try catch, and in the catch, BOT is trying to navigate to the final page where the save option is available.

Challenge :
At times there are different pages and it difficult to identify on which page I’m, and For navigate activity to work it should be inside the attach/ open browser activity, which itself is failing.

Please guide. Thank you

@ovi @aksh1yadav @ddpadil @loginerror @badita @PrankurJoshi @ClaytonM, @Rammohan91 @arivu96 @nadim.warsi Team, if you get some time on your hand then please look into this and guide me .

Thank you