Attach to Excel Application Scope from existing process


I have an Excel workbook with a VB macros which opens a dialog box with some check boxes and combo boxes. If I open the file with the Excel Application Scope the dialog box is out of focus and excel is not opening before I have closed the dialog box. If I open Excel with Start process, Excel is opening and I can get attach to the dialog box and its working fine. But - how to I attach the Excel.activities to an already open workbook? How to use the “Existing Workbook” Property?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

As per my knowledge we can not automate the Excel macro popups.

If I open excel with the start process can I attach to the macro pop up but then I need to link excel to the excel application scope to use the excel functionalities.
Any example to use the “exiting excel workbook”?
It is unfortunately a locked certified excel macro.