Attach Pop Up for Modern Design

I’m trying to do the ACME hash test using modern design. How do I use the pop up that opens ther (or for any case)? In general, how to make an “attach browser” type in modern design since there isn’t one. I’m trying to use the output element within ‘open browser’ but it doesn’t work. I wanted it to be as dynamic as possible and not have to point to the URL or selector.

in short what is the best way to access the pop up using modern design.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Meu_Eu_Nando

You can use Check App State Activity inside Use Browser Activity instead

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If you attach to the window which is connected then you can indicate the pop up


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In modern the activity is named Use Application/Browser.

So let’s say if I want to open application (login system) > navigate > navigate > go here , go there, inside the same page but different menus and I dont wanna close the window (i dont open multiple windows for every situatio) I should use open browser never and close browser never ?
Because Im trying to do that but sometimes because its another URL the windows simply does not open if I dont put the option allways open.

Im still not used to this modern open browser. Attach Window works pretty better or I am not making the best actions LOL.

You use Use Application/Browser to open the application or web page, and inside the Use Application Browser you put the activities you want to do in that application or web page (ie click, type, etc)

I highly suggest doing all the free training on it will teach you all these basics.

Yeah I already got ro work. Just stuck at when a pop up appears. Thanks

When a popup appears you then use another Use Application/Browser and indicate the popup, then inside it the activities for interacting with the popup.

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