Attach email in word document




I want to attach email in a word document; I tried doing it by using “Add image” activity, but it is not giving me the expected output.
Is there any way by which we can do this?



use Take Screenshot activity and then save the image using Save image activity in the desired path.

Attaching the image file can be done

  1. Use hot keys ALT + N + P to open dialog box
  2. Type the file path in dialog box using Type into
  3. Click Insert

Dominic :slight_smile:


Thsnks for the reply @Dominic!
I want to attach email file(.eml or pst) in the Word document and not screenshot .

is this can be done?



Since you have added this, I thought you need it as an image.

Then if its the case,

-> Use Save mail message activity to save the desired mail in required file path
-> Import file as Object through hot keys

  1. To select object ALT + N + J
  2. Then open object dialog ALT + J
  3. Navigate to create from file tab ALT + F
  4. Type the file path

Dominic :slight_smile: