Attach browser to window or website frame - difference?

Hi, what is the difference between attaching browser to the browser window and to the frame holding the website? Also in what cases do you link the selector to the browser window or to the website frame? Sometimes in enquiries I am told to attach browser to the main window, sometimes I am told to attach to the website frame.

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if you indicate the whole browser it will generate your selector including the browser details and it get as a attach as a window. with windows tag.if you use the website frame it is showing website title with html tags. so yore dealing with the website elements

What are the implications of this when working with multiple websites in multiple windows?

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if you’re using the same website to do your stuff better you get the website frame. if you’re navigating to different websites and using different applications,then use browser or else use different open browser activities.

In what cases where you advised to attach to the whole frame?