Attach browser -how to loop for several activities

Even if I send the actual value I am unable to automate it.

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You mean you can’t validate the selector or unable to click it ?

Yes Nithin

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Hey @Nithyakavitharan_T

Is the table coming in a popup window ?


yes Nithin

Here in the Ui explorer itself there is an issue with the selector and its not validated properly. Can you validate the selector and make it correct, then use it inside the click activity.

After making the reliable selector click on Highlight and check whether its pointing to the correct element or not.

Sorry, it does not work for me. Is it possible to read the table from the website and get the exact value and to activate the click activity using it.

Thanks Nithya

hello @Nithyakavitharan_T

You can extract the table using Table extraction feature… but here after extracting you will be getting it as Datatable… so do you need to loop through each row and need to click ?

ok I will try