Attach browser and view in PIP is not working

Hello all,
We are trying to build a attended BOT to run in pip mode.

  1. User will launch browser and login into the app on his server.
  2. Code is written to attach to already opened browser instance/app from step1.
  3. User will start the BOT in PIP mode.
  4. User will switch to PIP mode.
  5. Expectation is that browser gets attached to browser in server in pip session and bot moves ahead ( which is how it works in no pip mode)
  6. User can view the bot working in pip mode.

But BOT is failing with message: unable to browser.

Any help is appreciated.

When you start PIP mode, UiPath will create a new instance and will not refer to the already launched browser in the server.
Possible solutions:

  1. Instead of running PIP after launching the browser and logging in, you can implement it to open a browser and attach the browser.
  2. First launch PIP and take control to launch the browser, log in and continue the process.

Hope it helps!

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