Assisted Automation example


Csn someone please help me with Assisted Automation example? I have a pdf where i am searching Invoice ID but we would like to use Assisted Automation over there. That person can provide the id the BOT will do further process.

So how assisted Automation will work in this case? Pls help.

Thanks in advance

You can now build state-of-the-art user input forms using Form Activities from UiPath

Thanks but i am asking different question. I just need an input from the user.

If you want a basic interface to get user input, you can also use the standard Input Dialog activity:

Hi @RPAForEveryone

Thanks a lot. I was just verifying with same activity only :slight_smile: and i was thinking about that output via input dialogue. But here again my question is … user has to be there when BOT runs correct?

Yes, it depends on your design. If you use UiPath Forms or Input Dialog, it will essentially halt the execution until a user input is provided.

If you want the automation to run independent of the presence of a user, you should consider using Long Running workflows.