Assistant: Need more types of trigger

Now we can trigger to start job on Attended robot via Schedule - it’s so good.
But it’s will be better if we have more type of trigger likes
. Mail trigger ( when receive a new mail)
. File/Folder Trigger…
. Process Trigges
. Windows Trigger

Of course, we also already have a part of above trigger in activity list - but because it’s activity, so we need run job first - we will need 1 robot with Repeat Forever to monitoring all triggers, and it will take resource/running session of Robot.
So I hope we can do setting above trigger for each Process individually on Assistant.

Hi @Doanh

Actually, this feature caused some confusion to our users. In the latest version it has been renamed as Reminder rather than Schedule, as you cannot really schedule a process on an attended robot (you can only schedule processes on the unattended machines using Orchestrator).