Assistant Improvements

Please consider (v21.4.4):

  1. Option for Super Compact single-liner list view. Would like to see 3-4 times of the processes compared to what Assistant can list today without scrolling down.
  2. Background Process indicator
  3. Entry Point w/f is not enabled (Assistant always shows the main w/f arguments)
  4. Default values of the arguments from the w/f are not inherited in the Assistant (though the orchestrator level initialized values from the deployed process are visible).
  5. Folder-wise list of processes (I know it is there, but don’t know if it is available in v21.4.4. Please inform how to enable it if it is already available.)
  6. Ability to select folders to display the process list
  7. Output values, if any, should be made visible post-execution (at least the primitive types)
  8. Only arguments with primitive types are available today. Consider expanding to additional commonly used data types (tabular? primitive data type based 1D Arrays/List? …)
  9. Some mechanism to display an output panel (at least from development/testing POV)
  10. Use the icon used while project publishing (small icon)

Hi @nougain,

Thanks a lot for your feedback, we really appreciate it.
We are already working on some of your ideas and you will see them in the next releases.