Assistant Attended Framework - Missing Packages

I am trying to use the new Assistant Attended Framework version 1.0.3.
From Studio, I can select the “template” but when it installs it gives errors saying packages are missing.

For example “XamlAnimatedGif”, " Notifications.Wpf", “CommonServiceLocator”.

Does anybody have a suggestions on how to resolve?

Thanks, Dave

Hi @DavidMartin,

Is this the Assistant Attended Framework you are referring to?

Are you trying to use the latest version 1.3.0?

What version of Studio do you have installed?

Can you share a screenshot of your error please?

Can you share the stack trace from the logs for Studio under %localappdata%\uipath\logs ?


Yes, version 1.3.
Studio 2021.10.4
Screenshot of errors

Regards, Dave

Hi @DavidMartin,

Can you try enabling the feed (or adding it if it does not exist) and see if these packages are downloaded properly please?

I can see that they are located in
NuGet Gallery | XamlAnimatedGif 2.0.2
NuGet Gallery | Notifications.Wpf 0.1.1
NuGet Gallery | CommonServiceLocator 2.0.6
NuGet Gallery | MvvmLight


Yes enabling that feed resolved the issue.
Many thanks for your help.
Regards, Dave

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