Assistant 21.10.3 down (after windows update)


last week we installed the 21.10.3 unattended robot on our server. In the beginning, everything worked out fine. After regular updates this weekend the service was interrupted and restarted today.

When I open the assistant today I receive the following error message. Could you explain to me please why it occurs and what we can do against it?

Translation: File hast been changed and is now invalid. Please correct or delete the file.

If I delete the file, I get the following error message:

Thank you in advance!


I suggest you to check the logs from event viewer and check what files are changed, also I suggest to reinstall the uipath assistant in the system if you are using only enterprise edition

Hope this may help you


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Can you try re-installing the Assistant and verify the behavior ?
Also, if the issue still persists then replicate the issue again and share the DiagTool logs from the machine.