Assistance with skip sequence if table value = null



1st would like to thank community members with your inputs I’m able to automate most of my project tasks.

Coming to my problem.

I have a sequence of 3 layers inside a each row activities which reads the data from csv and feeds into a system form.

The activites are create a new user and add a phone number as relationship but with exceptions there are records where value is null or blank. I would like to skip a sequence if the value is blank or null and follow the next sequence current flow is configured as below

  1. Read CSV
  2. Login to system
  3. Pass all value to New User Form followed By creating user relationship with Phone number and Zip code
  4. Complete and process stops

However is either of the values are blank or null i would like the 2nd or 3rd to be skipped and move to next sequence.

Thanks for your assistance in advance. I have tried tutorials but couldn’t get it correctly


Hi Ankit,
You could try adding an If activity inside your For Each Row activity to check if there are blank values and skip the remaining steps if so.

If condition: ( NewUser = “” OR PhoneNumber = “” )
Then: — leave empty to skip —
Else: your sequence of steps to pass data to the user form

This will let you loop through each row and check if it is blank. If blank it will loop to the next row. If not blank it will enter the data in your new user form. Hope this helps.