Could anyone help me guys… Stuck while running my mainfile after finishing

Check your Config.xlsx and see whether if System1Login and System1Credential mentioned properly.

Hi @Rakesh_Sampath

Make sure that the values in your Data/Config.xlsx file is filled like the image below :



Could anyone helpme to go through this error!

What is the error you are facing?
Are you trying to get the credentials from orchestrator assets, please use Get Credentials Activity.

Karthik Byggari

If i change the Column name as “Value” it shows this … if i change it to “Asset” its asking fot “Value” … Could any one help me to go throughout this ???33

Hi @Rakesh_Sampath

Please try to contain discussion to one topic. I know these might be different errors, but if you keep your thread and all the context in one place you are increasing change for someone to tackle your issue :slight_smile:

Hello can you please add a screen of the asset that you have created in orchestrator?
Also add a screen of your Config.xlsx.

Hi @Rakesh_Sampath,

Don’t use Orchestrator credentials under the Asset tab of the Config excel file. Mentioning the Credential under ‘Settings’ tab would be sufficient. Asset tab is mostly used for other type of assets you have in orchestrator. It throws out errors when credentials are mentioned under assets. The same happenend to me when doing the assignment.


Thank you sooo much bro !!


No worries… would like to help anytime :slight_smile:

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