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hi, it’s overwriting my printouts, I want to print them all in their own place.

I want it like this

Hello @iremdgn42

Please try this: in_dtData.Rows(RowNumber)(“ColName”)=“Yourvalue”

there is no row number how do i get it in my data

If you are using RE framework then also you can use TransactionNumber in that place

I don’t understand, can you explain a little more?

you have to increment the row number if you want to update all the rows. Generally in RE framework the default value of TransactionNumber is 1 and then it will increase the value by 1

So try



How do I get the transaction number in the process?

Open invokeprocess workflow and Create a in_TransactionNumber argument and then assign the TransactionNumber

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it gave error like this in the latest data

@Yurdanur_Yusuf how many rows you have in excel at this time

There are 27

error on the last one

Transaction number is not included your headers. So you have total 27 rows with header. Transaction number accessing your row 28 which is empty

with title 28

Ok can you try transaction number-1
Then tell me what happend.

@Yurdanur_Yusuf have you check

printed the data on a lower line than it should be in excel