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someone could tell me what he wants by the above sentence?


‘Delete’ is for deleting the Monthly Reports that you have been downloading for each of the tax id. It’s just for cleanup since the actual file that you may want for upload is the yearly reports.

Your ‘Delete’ activity should exists right at the end of else condition for ‘System1_CreateYearlyReport’.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


I thank you for the help … but I know that I expressed myself badly (so I apologize). my question referred to the “Set the Path field to the value in the Config file” that I did not understand what it is. @Rammohan91


Okey. My Bad, I too was talking about the delete activity in a different place. Here in this case, your Config.xlsx file should contain a path with a value. This will the path where all your Downloaded Reports are stored. Walkthrough is just asking to create this Delete activity so that the the next time when you run the same workflow again from scratch the path won’t have any duplicates of yearly reports.

Here is snippet of path in Config.xlsx and Inside the Property of Delete activity:


Let me know if it helps,

Rammohan B.


thank you very much, it’s right thanks for the help … I would like to ask you one last thing

can you tell me what you mean by “The previous year”.
thanks in advance for the help. @Rammohan91


You need to download the monthly sheet data for the year 2017 from Acme-Test site. That’s the reason you have to create a variable and store the previous year value i.e. 2017.

Use Assign activity as:
ReportYear = (now.Year-1).ToString

You will pass this value as an argument for your next workflow that you will be creating.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


thank you very much @Rammohan91 for your constant help !! you solved many problems. Excuse me if you take advantage of your skill to ask you something else.

I can not understand what I should do according to the sentence above


You should have created it already under you Config.xlsx file with the name as ‘Download_Reports’ and Value as ‘Data\Temp’ as mentioned in my previous post.

You can just move to the next step. :slight_smile:

Rammohan B.


could you help me? it generates an error that does not know how to solve (the error says “Option Strict On does not allow Object type operands for the operator” + “”