Assignmet 1 error, can some one review this and let me know why the value is not passing from gethashcode to update work item invoke

I have been doing this from 1 week and i got to know that the value from gethashcode flow is not getting reflected in update work item flow.

i update work item i defined the write line includung in_comment but it was totally blank while executing the write line activity.

i cross checked and found that the value is there in get hashcode flow.

please le me know where i have done mistake to import the argument from gethashcode to update item.

I can see two issues with your workflow.

  1. You are not assigning OUT argument to local variable in the invoked workflow “SHA1Online GetHashCode”.

In the below screenshot, you should assign the out_Hash to the local variable (created in process workflow).

  1. You are not passing the hash value to the update_workflow. That is why it is not updating the coments.

Pass the variable created in the first step to the in_Comment.

Karthik Byggari

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