Assignment3 Level1 Developer certification

Hi , while trying to scrape structured data across multiple pages some times the ACME System1 while clicking next it is showing server hangup message and please can anyone help me in best way of handling this also, can you clarify how to handle individual page errors while scraping multiple pages?

@manikanta1 u must reset ur acme account data and try once again that is only solution for it

Thanks for your answer @Manjuts90 but my question was generally apart from acme in real time if we face these kind of issues in other sites then how to handle those scenarios ,is there a way for this?

@Manjuts90 we have to check what manually can be done if such error occurs apply samething in uipath. From website to website error varies and recovery method also varies we have to keep that in mind.

OK Thank u @Manjuts90 i will do the reset and check …

Hello My bot has completed all test data and when i am trying to reset the data i am not able to do reset i have been trying this since an hour but no luck ?

@manikanta1 try to reset in after sometime or try to do in different browser

Thank u @Manjuts90 it worked